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Operation and Construction Type Rele

Standard operating voltage for the solenoid coil mini relay using two types of resources, namely AC and DC.Untuk VAC voltage up to 240V, and voltage VDC to 120V.Kotak relay can be selected according to the purposes of the wearer, the type DPDT, TPDT, nominal FPDT.Arus varied, namely 3A, 5A and 7A. For the purposes of assembly and installation, there are various types of relay terminals, the plug-in, PCB, and soldering, as shown in Figure 2.8.

The amount varies relay terminal usually consists of 8 terminals, and 14 terminals, with the formation of rectangles or circles.
Figure 2.7 Construction Mini Relay

Contact on the apartment layout rele rele mini somewhat different from standard. In the mini relay 2PDT known as the two-pole double-through, which means the relay has two poles each pole has two pairs of NO and NC contacts.
Figure 2.8 Terminal Type Rele

Figure 2.9 shows an example of a mini relay terminal Plug-in type with the formation of the mini lingkaran.Rele has 8 terminal with apartment layout type DPDT contacts. The first pole is through the terminal 11, the output terminal 14 (NO) and terminal 12 (NC). The second pole through the terminal 21, the output terminal 22 (NC) and terminal 24 (NO). Terminals A1 and A2 is a terminal for solenoid coil.
Figure 2.9 Composition Mini-type DPDT relay contacts

Figure 2.9 shows the mini relay with contact-type TPDT apartment layout. TPDT relay has three poles, where each pole has two pairs of contacts. The first pole through the terminal 11, with the couple through the terminal 12 NC contact and NO contact via the terminal 14. The second pole through the terminal 21, the NC contact via terminal 22 and NO contact via the terminal 24. Pole ketiiga via terminal 31 to contact N through NO contact 32 and the terminal through the terminal 34.
Figure 2.10 Structure Contacts Mini Relay DPDT type circle shape

Figure 2.11 Structure Tipkal Mini DPDT relay contacts rectangular shape

Figure 2.12 Typical Structure Contact Rele Mini TPDT rectangular shape

As is known, current-carrying capability that can be carried by relay contacts are limited, which ranged between 0,2A up to 6A.