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The Importance of Treatment Machine

Each object is left without a touch of care can be damaged due to contamination or other causes. With good care tools, objects / items and the system is always under control and ready for use at any time. With this treatment efforts in addition to convince the goods ready for use will extend the life of equipment, product or system. Causes damage to goods that are left without care is usually due to improper storage, resulting in corrosion, jammed as a result of humid air and because of the dry lubrication.

If it happens when you want to use, tools, goods or the system is not ready to take. By not performed routine maintenance and routine checks can also lead to improvement is much more difficult. Therefore, care becomes a very important element. There is a general rule in the storage equipment or goods. Generally in the instructions tailored to the type of goods susceptibility to weather or humidity. General equipment with special equipment (Special Service Tools / SST) will also be different treatment when performing storage.

Signs Maintenance Equipment
Maintenance of equipment is very closely related to the problem of the use, repair, and storage as well as its administration.
a. Repair tool to distinguish between minor repairs that can be done alone by the worker and special repairs should be done by experts. Damaged equipment that is known to be separated and acted upon.

b. Storage appliances cleanliness oriented principle and the principle of identification. Hygiene requirements properties include dry and not humid.

c. Maintenance and prevention of damage done by routine examination with a definite schedule.

d. Administrating done to facilitate control equipment in terms of consumption / use, storage, repair, maintenance, and procurement of new equipment. The placement of each equipment must be clearly in line with the grouping to facilitate the search tools. In the event of the removal tool should be temporary and after completion of use can be returned to its original place. Storage of tools and tooling can be done at: instrument panel, warehouse space, center storage space, and kit tools.

Control and management of pengadmistrasian require nstrument devices such as books, sheets and cards, including:
a. Card stock; color cards are distinguished for each type of equipment in accordance with the groupings.
b. Book inventory; contains the code number, name of the device, size, brand / type, manufacturer, year of origin, quantity and conditions
c. The list of equipment; containing the code, the name of the tool, and the amount of equipment
d. Diary ; used to record every event that occurred and related activities in the workplace.
e. Label; contains code tools, tool name, number and condition of the tool. Labels mounted storage appliance.
f. Format query tool.