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File On the Linux Operating System

On Linux systems, there are two ways to perform operations associated with a file or folder, which is a GUI and Text (CLI).
a. Operations File-Based GUI
Now there are many files and folders managing applications on Linux. These applications are categorized as File Manager. Example applications are Nautilus, Thunar, Dolphin, and the like. File operations such user to do multiplication, removal, renaming, deletion, creation of file / folder, and view information metaadata of the file / folder via the Properties window. image
Figure 28. Applications Nautilus file manager in Debian

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for some file operations through the application of the Nautilus.
Table 1. Command shortcut to the application Nautilus



b. Text File-Based Operations (CLI)
There are a number of programs that have been provided by Linux to be able to perform file operations on the terminal, through commands. The following is a list of commands in Linux related file operations.



Tab button on the keyboard can be used to request the system displays a list of commands according to the character typed on the terminal. Eg for /etc/bind/bind.keys ls command, can be accelerated. be: ls / etc / bind / bi <press tab>.


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