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Installing OpenSSH Server

1. Application OpenSSH Server on Debian Wheezy placed on the DVD 1, so for these installations need to include his image file. In VirtualBox click Menu Devices> CD / DVD Devices> Choose a virtual CD / DVD file …> look for Debian DVD image file first.
2. Open a root terminal via menu Accessories> Root Terminal.
apt-get install openssh-server
Figure 38. Installing OpenSSH Server

3. If successful, the next step is the activation server, so it can be used. Here is an activation command.
/etc/init.d/ssh start
Figure 39. Activation SSH server via terminal

4. Set the network mode in VirtualBox into Host-only mode (see the previous guidance on teaching about IP configuration server).

Connection To Server SSH client
Steps connection as follows.
1. Open the PuTTY application, the column Host Name (or IP Address) give the address of the server computer, for example: Then press Enter.

2. In the terminal, type the following username and password to sign in to the Debian server.

3. If the login is successful Debian terminal will appear as shown below.

In addition to client connection via Putty applications in Windows can also be performed using WinSCP application, as follows.
1. On WinSCP application, click the menu New Site, then the Host name column: provide the IP address of the server and the Debian username and password in the User name: and Password :.

2. Then click the Login button. When the following Warning dialog appears click Yes to continue.

3. If successful there will appear as below.

4. After successfully make these connections we can make the administration of the system.


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