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Professionals In Information Technology

Nowadays there are a lot of various professions in the field of Information Technology or IT. The development of the IT world has spawned a new field that can not be separated from its primary purpose is to further enable people to do all the activities. The emergence of new areas of IT that also gave rise to a profession in the field of IT are increasingly leading accordance with their respective expertise. In general, work in the field of information technology at least can be grouped according to their field, for example.

a. The first group is those working in the world of software (software), both those who design the operating system, database and application systems.
In the environment of this group, there are jobs such as:
* Systems analysts, the people in charge of analyzing the system to be implemented, starting from analyzing the existing system, advantages and disadvantages, until the feasibility study and design of systems that will be developed
* Programmers, a person in charge of implementing the draft system analyst, is a program (either an application or operating system) in accordance with previously analyzed system.
* Web designers, are people who do planning activities, including feasibility studies, analysis and design to a web-based application development project.
* Web programmer, a person in charge of implementing the design of web designers, web-based program that makes the appropriate design that has been designed previously.

b. The second group is those working in the field of hardware (hardware).
In the environment of this group, there are jobs such as:
* Technical engineer, often also called a technician, that is, those working in the field of engineering, both regarding maintenance and repair computer system devices.
* Networking engineer, are working in the technical field of computer network maintenance until his troubleshooting.

c. The third group are those who are involved in the operation of information systems.
In the environment of this group, there are jobs such as:
* EDP Operator, is a person in charge of operating the programs relating to electronic data processing in the environment of a company or other organization.
* System Administrator, a person in charge of the administration of the system, have the authority to exercise the right of access to the system, as well as other matters relating to the operational arrangements of a system.

Professionals in the development of web applications
There are many varieties in the profession in the field of Information Technology, what professions are in a web application development environment? Here are the professions directly involved in the development of web applications, including:
a. Web Designer
A Web designer is the person responsible for determining the look of a website. His job is as the design appearance of the site (web) ranging from image processing, layout, color, and all the visual aspects of the site. Their main focus is the look / layout of the web. They are more concerned with how the page looks and is functioning perfectly when it was given programming language. Pendandanan a site within a Web Designer must master:
– Image Processing
– Animation, Movie (Film)

b. Web Programmer
Web Programmer in charge of doing pengcodingan or programming a website to make it dynamic. wherein the web can order a seemingly easy for a web admin.
If the site to be created has an interaction between a visitor facilities and sites for example regarding the transaction, outputs the input data and the database then a Web Programmer who will do it by creating applications that work on site (web). Mastery which should normally be controlled generally by Web Programmer:
– CGI Perl, PHP, MySQL (Unix base)
– ASP (NT base)
– Script and Java Applet

c. Web Administrator
His job is to memaintenance a server, understand the Operating System Server, either from installation through to problems (troubleshooting), usually a Web Administrator must master:
– OS Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.)
– Networking (LAN, WAN, Intranet)
– Security Server

d. Web Master
Seoarang Web Master is one who understands all these things ranging from design, program, and security servers, but not too participated interfere to each division, simply by mempertanggun responsible for the running of a site (web). Mastery to be possessed:
– CGI Perl, PHP, MySQL, ASP, Java
– Mastery of various OS (Operating System)
– Security Server
– Networking (LAN, WAN, Intranet)

e. Web Developer
The above activities as a whole is called a team called Web Developer. Web developers provide assistance such as web consulting, web concept that will be created, building sebuat website ..
Of all the above types of work is a profession is not all because not everyone is an expert in the field. Which can be regarded as a profession that if someone is already an expert in that field.

If in the above work that can be regarded as a profession is web designers, web programmers, web administrators, web masters and web developers because in the field of a person already has expertise in it.


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