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Strain Gauge Materials

Various types of resistance materials have been developed for use in GaugeGauge wire and foil , such as:
a. Constantan is a copper-nickel alloy with a low temperature coefficient. Usually Constantan is found in Gauge used for dynamic strains, where strain level changes do not exceed ± 1500 μcm / cm. The working temperature limit is from 10oC to 200oC .

b. Nichrome V is a nickel-chrome alloy used for the measurement of static strains up to 375 o C. with temperature compensation, this alloy can be used for static measurements up to 650 o C and dynamic measurements up to 1000 o C.

c. Dynaloy is a nickel-iron alloy with a low Gauge Factor and high resistance to fatigue. This material is used for dynamic strain measurements when high temperature sensitivity can be tolerated.

d. Stabiloy is a modified nickel-chrome alloy with a summary of wide temperature compensation. This gauge has excellent stability and cryogenic temperatures up to about 350 ° C and good resistance to fatigue.

e. Tungsten platinum alloys provide excellent stability and high resistance to fatigue at elevated temperatures. This gauge is recommended for static test measurements up to 700 o C and dynamic measurements of 850 oC.

Some Types Of Strain Gauge