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Calculations Estimate Materials

Measuring wood is an activity by stretching meter above the wood to be measured between one point and another point so that the data obtained in the form of long-distance timber. Calculating wood is an activity that is conducted to determine the amount (volume) wood materials needed to make a wooden construction. We recommend that every unit of length wood grouped themselves to unknown number of needs.

In general, the cost of manufacturing of built-in furniture can be estimated from large or volume calculations, materials or materials used, or the predicted count of models and designs. What kind of way, following his tips.

Calculation Per Square Meter
The cost of making a large built-in furniture and the volume calculated based on how many square meters or cubic meters of entire furniture is made. This calculation includes the cost of materials, wages of artisans, as well as construction costs. If you use the help of an interior designer or contractor, this calculation is known as the design and build. This calculation system advantage is that you no longer need to keep an eye on the built-in furniture making your order, because all have been taken care of by the shop or interior contractor.

Calculated Based Materials
Material cost calculation is determined based on the material used. The choice of material will greatly influence the amount of costs incurred. Better you buy and choose the appropriate materials dengam your budget, do not forget to add a worker wages and the cost of construction. If you use the services of an interior contractor, using the build service only, while the design and look of your furniture can own speculative way to see examples of design in a magazine or book design.

Calculations Based Model
The final way that can be used is memerhitungkan fee based models. It is commonly used if you use the services of an interior designer or consultant. Designer entitled to consulting fees of the overall cost of the project if you use the services of design and build. If you only use the services of the design, the manufacturing cost will depend on the range of rates set forth the designer.
At this stage, if the order is ready to send, we will confirm via phone to adjust the day and time of submission so that when doing the setup can be seen by consumers directly how to get design and how long the process?

To get the kitchen set design, the customer must make a payment in advance commitment fee of Rp. 300.000, – as a sign, the new design will be in the process but if the process of booking the deal then the design we provide free of charge / free. Long design work takes 3 working days. We give you 3x chance revision if the initial design we send less according to taste. Long working revision depending on the response or responses from consumers about the initial design we submitted How Calculation Kitchen Set?

Calculation Method kitchen set is very easy, you simply calculate the length of the cabinet and the lower cabinet last long at times the price. The formula: Ks = ((Ka + Kb) x Hf) + (Kb x Tt) Description: Ks = Kitchen set Ka = length of the cabinet on the cabinet bottom Kb = Length Hf = Price Finishing Tt = Top table. Example: For example, the kitchen area 2 x 2 meters, assuming kitchen set L shape, the length of the cabinet under bentul L 2 + 2 = 4 meters, over the shape of the cabinet line = 2 meters, with HPL finishing Rp. 1.699 million / m1. with granite table top Nero FB Rp. 1.399 million / m1.

Pa = Pb = 2 meters to 4 meters Hf = Rp. Tt = USD 1.699 million. 1.399 million, Ks =? The formula: Ks = ((Ka + Kb) x Hf) + (Kb x Tt) Ks = ((4 + 2) x 1.699 million) + (4 x 1.399 million) Ks = (6 x 1.699 million) + (4 x 1.399 million) Ks = Ks = 10.194 million + 5.596 million USD. 15.79 million Thus, kitchen set with 2 x 2 meter room, a form of “L” for lower cabinets and a form of “line” to the cabinet top by finishing HPL, RB Nero granite top table, the total cost to be issued Rp. 15.79 million