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Coating Materials Finir

Finir coating material or a thin wooden sheets from 0.24 mm to 6.00 mm, which was obtained from the incision (stripping) of certain types of wood mountain. Finir usually used to coat kayukayu massive. There are several types of finir commonly used are: finir teak, white finir, finir sungkai and finir mahogany. In addition finir type of wood used to coat the surface of the wood, there is also a synthetic material that is often used to coat the surface of a piece of furniture products such as leaf table (top table) or the inside.

The types and kinds of coating materials synthetic include: tachon shit white marble, tachon shit black marble, tachon shit brown, tachon shit cream, tachon shit gray, formica white gloss, vichon shit white, vichon shit brown, vichon shit cream, and gluropal.

Fancy plywood
Fancy plywood is a plywood surface has a pattern of beauty (plywood wonderful). Usually used on the ceiling and the layers of the doors and tables. There are many kinds of fancy plywood depending on the type of wood and coating materials it uses. Such as: fancy rose wood, fancy agathis, fancy Nyatoh, Fanci ramin, fancy sun gkai, mega sungkai, fancy sun gkai block, white oak, sonokling, maple, cherry C / Q, cherry crown, brown cuts eye, ebony, enigree, Burl tiger, silver eye cuts, ash burl, cherry burl, white ice tree C / Q, black and red chestnut chestnut. For the same size as the other artificial wood that is on average 3.0 MM 4 x 8.

Pattern board
Artificial board board type of pattern is made from fragments of wood, using special adhesive material. This material is typically used in the salon box, wall insulation and so on. Its size is 3.0 MM 4 x 8.

Teak block
Artificial board is similar to blockboard whose content consists of the composition of wood lath or wood blocks, only the coating on one surface using teak finir as in teak wood. This board is used for materials of furniture, walls, salon box and so on. The following types and sizes of teak block are: teak block AA 15.0 MM 4 x 8, teak block AA 18.0 MM 4 x 8 (1x TRM), teak block AA 18.0 MM 4 x 8 (1x silver), teak block AA 18.0 MM 4 x 8 1x WR, teak block AA 18.0 MM 4 x 8 (2x), teak block fuji 18:00 MM 4 x 8 (1x).

Teak wood
Teakwood is artificial including plywood board in which one surface is coated using teak finir smooth (textured). As for the kinds of teakwood and size are: teakwood AA 3.0 MM 3 x 7, amphromosia AF, silver / AA 3.0 MM 4 x 8, Megateak 3.0 MM 4 x 8, teak transverse (3x4x8) 3.0 MM 4 x 8 AA 3.0 MM 4 x 8 AA 4.0 MM 4 x 8, 4 x AA 9.0 MM 8 (1x), AA 9.0 MM 4 x 8 (2x).

This board is made of paper coated with cement / lime. Gypsum board can be used for the ceiling of a building. Gypsum is generally white, and has a size of 120 x 140 9.0 MM.


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