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Finir Manufacture Wood

Finir is a sheet of thin boards to make plywood, and how to make it there are four kinds:
a) How stripping
Stripping will produce finir way to make ordinary plywood or plywood general use (general plywood). In this way the shape of the wood raw material is a log without bark. Finir produced quite long and can be produced in a relatively short time. Product finirnya can to meet the material needs of plywood to 80%. In this way, thick finir obtained a minimum of 0.4 mm but is much needed is 0.6 to 1.0 mm.

Finir way of stripping may be given the following picture:
Picture Production Method Finir with Stripping Method

In the picture it is shown that stripping is done following log (unidirectional) with the surface of the wood. Finir making process by stripping the quickest way so that the productivity in producing the highest finir unit time compared to other ways of making finir. For example, meranti logs diameter of 80 cm can be peeled approximately 10 minutes and the results finirnya can reach a length of 100-150 meters.

Weakness in this way is a condition resulting finir less thin and the fiber image is not decorative. Therefore if you want to produce decorative plywood, must be coated on the outside with finir of kayuindah and plywood obtained but it’s not general plywood fancy plywood or decorative plywood. In the process of stripping it must first be determined center point log (center logs) because in this pat tem will be placed chuck (clamp log).

Determination of the center logs can be done manually and by machine torch (flash machine) is through lighting on both sides log pieces that have been equipped with the patterns of the central position of its timber. At this finir used stripping peel angle (angle knife) 89-92,5odan angle press (nosebar) 20o. The amount of peel angle can be adjusted and is important in getting a thick finir. Large adjustable angle strip will produce thin finir vice versa.

In the stripping process, the surface finir direct contact with the sharp side of the knife peel called the rough side (loose side), while the other side is called smooth side (tight side). In the process of resurfacing smooth adhesive side is highly recommended to be given first adhesive so that the adhesive savings. There is one more thing that must be considered in the process of stripping the log, which is that the speed of the machine should be in line with kekerasankayunya peeled, meaning high specific weight of wood must be removed faster than the lower kind of timber weight.

b) How slicing / shredding
How to slice will produce a thinner finir ie by 0.2 to 0.6 mm thick and generally serve for layering ordinary plywood. In this way produces a more decorative plywood (picture good fiber) with width and length remains the same relative to the size of the original raw material. The wood used is generally of the type of wood has a high density with more wood color and pictorial good fiber (decorative). Thus there should be a treatment process which is slicing the wood raw material must be soaked, boiled or steamed first.

Boiling is to improve the elasticity of the wood (because softened) and dissolve the extractive substances which can usually disrupt the process perekatannya. Wood elasticity can increase the yield of the resulting finir because finir torn or broken less. Form of raw material that will be sliced can be Flitch (square timber without the liver) or blockware (wooden parts). In the form blockware finirnya yield can be increased up to 50% compared to materials such as Flitch.

In the making, finir slice can be performed using raw materials such as logs without bark peeled eccentrically, namely the center log without a brace is not being right in the middle but more to the side. Thus the stripping process is similar to the process of slicing, so that the results also include the type finir finirnya slice. To make this type of machine can be used finir half rotary slicer.