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Finishing Materials Environmental Friendly

Camphor finishing materials are environmentally friendly finishing materials that do not contain the toxin, which when applied, besides the function of protection and decoration, also contain hygenis function. Eco-friendly finishing materials camphor same as other finishing materials, ie after application will dry and form a layer of hard, flat and solid colored or transparent (clear). Results of a drying coating covers the wood fiber is called the cap veins (opaque finish).

While the coating dries and produces a clear or transparent (not covered wood fiber) called the clear finish. Eco-friendly finishing materials marked with all the ingredients (consisting of resin / binder, solvent, pigment, filler and additive materials, all based on water), which is water based. The finishing materials are environmentally friendly and safe for health also belong to the non-volatile material, namely finishing materials with high levels of volatiles into the air such as thinner, replaced with water.

Aqua camphor.
Aqua camphor is one of the finishing materials that are environmentally friendly, since it does not use camphor spirits as a diluent or solvent, but using water. Aqua camphor with diluent water, can protect the wood from sunlight, rain, attack by fungi and insect attack. Camphor is also odorless and non-toxic, so it does not interfere with human health, as well as dry quickly.

Equipment and materials for application aqua camphor:
 – paintbrush, dense and smooth feathers
 – Place the dough camphor
 – Majun white shirt
 – Sandpaper, no. 100, 240 and 400
 – Ingredients: Aqua Politur
 – workpiece so, as a substrate finishing

Flow implementation aqua camphor application with a brush, just the same as their topical application of camphor others, are as follows:
Figure 3.4. flowcharts application aqua camphor