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How to Structure and Stacking Wood

There are 4 kinds of buildup
a. The composition of the Box
Suitable for drying boards that require drying gradually and evenly. To keep the boards are not warped or cracked between the boards underneath and it must Dibei lat, sedangkanarah side must exist between anyway.

b. The composition Sandar

This arrangement similar to the arrangement of the box, only the berthing arrangement requires basic and shelves dilindungioleh backrest and no roof.

c. The composition of the Cross

Suitable for wood requiring rapid drying, such as wood vulnerable fungus. The timber (boards) are arranged crosswise over the horses, so that an X or V huuf inverted. The bottom part of the timber not to hit the ground, to keep the damage as twisted or broken when it is dry enough to be devised such as the arrangement of the box.

d) Drying Artificial
Artificial wood drying is done in tunur / Klin. Then heated with steam to 100 C. To accelerate evaporation, then the kettle tekanannyadibuat 50-70 mm.Hg. Can also be created in the drying chamber (droogkamer). Wood stacked therein or incorporated by lorries. The heating is done with gas at high temperatures. This artificial drying untukmenhemat mean time, also to obtain a high degree of dry for a variety of purposes.

Inevitable evaporation of water on the outside. Faster than the transport of water from the inside to the outside. Iar with the air inside the timber is evaporated and then the vapor is removed by the circulation or air peedaran. At this drying process should not be occurred voltages causes irregular changes and cracked wood. It is important the setting temperature and degree of moisture in droodkamer (drying chamber).

If the wood dries quickly then the outside will harden, the pores are closed, the evaporation from the deeper layers of hard once. So it has been from the beginning should not be used that are too dry air.
To menghidarkan outer layer, then air it must have a certain degree of moisture. By a sprinkler equipment put hot water into the drying chamber from the inside, so that drying broad layers of soil.