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Metal Furniture Products

Making storage planned carefully and meet the accommodation needs as well as its use is influenced by the emergence of the massive demand for the use of heating appliances with electricity or gas, tools and services to prepare a dish, washers and clothes dryers, room cleaning facilities and so on other. the driving force for the designer to design a storage-based functions.

For instance in the necessary kitchen cabinets, tables, work benches and other utilization units that need to be designed to create an efficient working condition. then during this period the rise of the use of Metal Furniture. Metal furniture is furniture made of metal or metal / metal as an ingredient, is the first designer M. Breurer (of Germany) in 1925. The furniture is made of metal, iron bars or sheet metal formed rnelalui pressing, has several advantages, among others :
o Simple
o Relatively mild
o Easily adapts to future production system
o Can be stored in the durable outdoor / exterior
o Easily stacked when not in use (stake able)

Type furnishings / furniture are usually made of metal in general: the table. chairs, beds, and a wide variety of seating in transportation equipment (vehicles, trains, ships, and aircraft)
Model Product Design Image of Metal Swivel Chairs

Picture Product Design Furniture Metal Model Tables and Shelving Materials

Picture Product Design Furniture Metal Chairs Learning Model


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