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Porcelain is a ceramic body made of white clay and other fine materials are colored white. This body after the combustion process will produce a white solid objects, hard, water-resistant (very small porosity), such as glass and transculent (half transparent / translucent shadow) with a thickness of 3 mm. In general, porcelain combustion temperature range between 1250 ° C-1460 ° C The main ingredient is kaolin porcelain, the word “kaolin” comes and the Chinese word “Kao” (high) and “Ling” (hill), so kaolin is a high hill where the clay was first discovered.

Ceramic products are usually made from a mixture of materials such as kaolin, quartz, ballclay, and feldspar but with ballclay material sometimes lead to less white porcelain, can be used as a substitute for bentonite.Untuk create formulas nice porcelain ceramic body requires time, patience and the willingness ( great effort) to experiment and do research. Porcelain bodies can be classified into two groups, namely:

1) Porcelain hard, is a mixture of very resilient and is burned at high temperature 13800C-14600C.
The formula is:

48. Picture porcelain Products

2) Porcelain soft, slightly resistant to combustion temperatures between 1250 ° C-1300 ° C
The formula is:

The level of plasticity of the clay depends on particle size. The smaller the size, the more plastic. Kaolin or china clay particle size 10 times larger than the kaolin ballclay because that is not so plastic. To maintain authenticity is vital that when we choose kaolin or china clay which have iron content. Greatly influenced the level of plasticity clay particle size, how to prepare, as well as the age of the clay.

For this reason, when we will use porcelain plastic material for the formation with the rotary techniques need to be considered truly how to prepare the clay, for example curing hat soil stored for several months would be more robust than clay that have not been saved.


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