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Techniques Making Finir

In this way the efficiency of the processing time can reach nearly 40% and gained wider finir 20-30% compared to the process of slicing veneer. Slicing process can be done by timber moves back and forth and knife slice silent or otherwise. An incision can be made on the vertical and horizontal direction. The type most commonly used incision is the direction of the horizontal incision, the wood is cut moves back and forth and knife slice silent. Penyayatan process to produce finir with a certain thickness is done automatically.

a. Half-Round Slicing is almost the same as the method of plain but padaposisi log that rotates so that the surface of the fibrous finir more straight than plain slicing more fiber in the form of flowers (warp and curve).
Figure 3. Production Method Method Finir Half-Round Slicing

b. Quarter slicing, slicing is done in the direction of the radius of the log (perpendicular to the circle of the year) so that the fiber finir straight and uniform. In this method the log is split by the first quarter sawn method
Pictures. Production Method Method Finir Quarter Slicing

c. Flat / Lengthwise; Slicing is done parallel to the direction of length of the fiber without regard to the radial or tangential direction so that the resulting fiber varies. This method is not processed on a log, but logs that have been sawed off.
Pictures. Production Method Method Finir Flat

d. Slicing Rift, almost similar to the method Quarter but the blade is tilted slightly with the position of the fingers log. This makes fiber finir be straight and smooth.
Figure 6. Production Method Finir Method Slicing Rift


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