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Work Step Laminate

After the lamination process of preparatory work has been done well, then the next step work plan laminate laminated so that the whole process can be run in accordance with the method and the requirements. Broadly speaking, the flow or the work step of gluing wood or laminate are as follows:
(a) Preparation Wood Components
To produce good gluing, one of which is the moisture content of wood to be glued should meet the specified requirements. Preferably the percentage of moisture content of wood to be glued ranges between 7-12%. In addition, if there are differences in the thickness of the wood to be glued, the difference is a maximum of 1 mm. It would be nice if the entire surface of the wood is planed.

(b) Preparation of Glue
After determining what type of glue to be used, the next step is to prepare the glue according to the required number. Next to stirring or mixing glue with additional material if necessary. When using glue materials using a mixer, then glue the waiting time should not be too long because it will affect the quality of the glue.

(c) sorting Wood
Sorting wood is a further step of the preparation of the wood components. This needs to be done so that the glued wood meets wood options desired. Pilihlan timber to be laminated, in accordance with specified requirements. Furthermore it should be noted similarity in color and pattern of wood fiber to be glued together so it looks harmonious and beautiful.

(d) basting Lem
Basting glue performed at the surface of the wood to be glued in accordance with the provisions. A set of wood to be laminated, then spread the glue evenly both surfaces, using a spreader / roller. The use of glue + 280 g / cm2

(e) Emphasis / Pressing
Emphasis and time required to suppress should be adapted to the conditions required. Observe the surface of the glue line, because some glue will melt out, therefore, prepared a washcloth to be cleaned so that the second meeting of wood glued field becomes clean of the glue that is not necessary.


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