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Arc Info Geographic Information Systems

Arc is one of the Info GIS software has been widely used by experts in the field of GIS. In principle Arc Info is very supportive in the creation and development of a map data base which is based on the principles of integrated mapping information.
a) Introduction to Environmental Arc Info
To enter the neighborhood Arc Info, we have to know the location of the program folder, it can directly clicked ArcW. After these steps, you have to be in the neighborhood Arc Info program. In this environment all the commands are still using the keyboard as an input device. To understand these commands need not be memorized, simply by typing commands Commands to see a series of commands used.

b) Charging Attributes (Arc Plot)
Tables that have been made in the Arc Edit can be filled with attributes. Charging the data in these tables is done in an environment of Arc Plot on Arc Info. Arc The plot itself is actually the Arc Info atu environment that serves to set the display to be printed out (plot) into the paper. However Arc These pots can be used to put the data in the map table. Use of Arc This plot to populate the data based on the terms of practicality between data and location data.

c) Region Map
Grid map that has been created in Auto CAD, before passing to ArcView in the first region in the Arc Info so as to facilitate the charging of data in ArcView later
Figure 9. Process region map in Arc Info

Arc View
ArcView is a GIS software that functions to print out a map. Arc View has several interrelated parts. The parts in question are Arc View window (window) consisting of:
a) Project Window (Main Window)
b) View Window (View Map)
c) Table Window (Table Map)
d) Chart Window (Graph from a Table)
e) Layout Window (Setting Map for Printed)
f) Script Window (Command Supplement)

In addition, there are several other parts of the main menu (main menu), the menu button (buttons), and navigation tool (tools). Each of these parts (window) has a menu that is different when the part is enabled.
Figure 10. The process ArcView