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Based Soil Texture Volume

Determination of soil texture by using the volume percent can be simpler than the method hydrometer. The principle of determination based on the percent of this volume is based on the speed of precipitation. Wherein the fraction of the rough or the sand will settle early (1 minutes before turning it) and then followed by the fraction of the dust around 2 hours, and the rest is clay fractions that will settle around 48 hours later. This can be done in the laboratory or in the field.

For analysis of soil by volume percent, prepare the soil dry sifted with fine sieve. Take about 100 grams and insert it into the measuring cup volume of 1 liter. Then shake and let the precipitation occurs. Based on the results measured deposition precipitation volume of sand, silt and clay and the calculated percent of its volume, then using a picture of a triangle can be determined texture of the soil texture. Although in this way is still rough, but pretty good.
Figure 1.8. Soil Texture Determination by Way Percent Volume

Figure 1.9. Precipitation of Fraction Soil