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Carton Cartridge Package

In Indonesia commonly used types are single wall and double wall . The use of corrugated boxes is determined by: weight Materials, material properties ( self stacking or not), fragile or not, using inner carton or not and others. The raw material for corrugated carton making is kraft paper, bogus or carton of merang. Based on the dimensions of the plot and the flat cardboard section, the number of grooves for a certain length of unit then there are various types of cardboard which in trading terms is called the flute.

Each flute has a great resistance to vibration, pressure, fragility, pile and falling power. The direction of plot laying can be horizontal or vertical, so it is known flute A horizintal or flute A vertical, flutte B horizontal or vertical flute B and so on. The most common corrugated carton types are RSC ( Regular Slotted Container ) or regular slit containers . The corrugated carton types can be seen in Figure 27.
Figure 35. Kinds of Corrugated Carton

Information :
A = Regular Cleft Cess (RSC)
B = Centralized Crevice (CSSC)
C = Overlap Cover Container (FOL)
D = Bliss Box No. 4
E = Book Package
F = Box Three

Different types of carton boxes Corrugated Boxes without inner (individual box) are used as primary packaging to pack fruits and vegetables, frozen fish and others. For packing of fresh fruit or vegetables, then on the box wall should be given ventilation holes. The use of corrugated cartons on products packaged with glass or plastic bottles may use partition dividers or coatings to prevent collisions. Corrugated cardboard packaging is also waxed (with permeation process) specially for fresh vegetable products.