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Concentrations of Salt Solution

If the concentration difference between the salt solution and fish body fluids is high, then the process of penetration of salt into the fish body will be faster. Salting methods can be grouped into three kinds, namely:
1) Dry salting (dry salting )
Dry salting method is salting method using salt crystals mixed with fish. Dry drying is done by sprinkling crystal salts on a neatly arranged fish layer. Each layer of fish is interspersed with a layer of salt. In this salting process, fish body fluids will be absorbed by salt crystals that cause salt crystals to melt to form a concentrated salt solution. This concentrated salt solution will soak the entire layer of fish.

Dry dried can be used in small and large fish. The amount of salt used is generally 10 – 35% by weight of fish. The longer the salting time, the water content in the fish will also decrease. This is because during the salting process, the fish muscle will absorb salt and water loss.

The most widely used salting method is the dry saline method. By using this method salt produced salted fish better quality than using salt wet salting and salt.
Figure 3. Dry salting process

2) Wet salting (wet salting )
In the salt salt salting method used in the form of solution (30-35%). The salted fish will be put in a container that has been filled with a concentrated salt solution. The top of the container is closed and weighed for all the fish to be submerged. The duration of immersion depends on the desired thickness and degree of salinity. Salt solution will suck fluid and salt ions enter the fish body.
Figure 4. Wet salting process

3) Dry dried without waterproof ( kench salting )
This salting method is almost the same as salt dry salting is using crystal salts. However, in this method do not use waterproof storage containers. The process of salting is done directly on the deck of the ship / floor or can also be done in containers in the form of baskets that are not water-resistant. Fish mixed with salt crystals, the formed water solution is allowed to flow and wasted. In this method there are some disadvantages, namely the salt is needed more and the process of salting that occurs is slow.
Figure 5. The process of salting kench salting


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