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Diseases Caused by Virus

There are several types of viral diseases that have been identified include:
1) KHV (Koi Herpes Virus)
2) IHHNV (Infectious hypodermal and Hematopoitic Necrosis Virus),
3) HPV (Hepatopancreatic ParvolikeVirus),
4) MBV (Monodon Baculavirus),
5) SEMBV (Systemic Ectodermaland mesodermal Baculovirus) or WSBV (White Spot Baculovirus)
6) YHV (Yellow Head Virus).
7) IMNV (Myonecrosis Infectious Virus)
8) TSV (Taura Syndrome Virus)
9) WSSV (White Spot Syndrome virus)
10) PVNV / Nodavirus (Penaeus Vannamei Nodavirus)
11) BMN (Baculoviral Midgutgland Necrosis)
12) LPV (Lymphoidal Parvo-like Virus)
13) LOVV (Lymphoid Organs Vaccuolization Virus)
14) LOSV (Lymphoid Organs spheroid Virus)
15) REO (REO REO III and IV)
16) RPS (Rhabdovirus of Penaid Shrimp)
17) MOV (Moyrillyan Virus)
18) BP (Baculovirus Penaid)
19) IRDO (Shrimp Iridovirus)

Failure on Mas and Koi fish farming can be caused by viral infections KHV. KHV virus infection can cause mass mortality in fish and Koi Mas. But knowledge of the pathogenicity of KHV is still very limited, but manual control is needed. Some clinical symptoms KHV infected fish are:
a) movements are not controlled,
b) gasping,
c) decreased appetite,
d) The skin blisters,
e) sometimes accompanied by bleeding on the fin / body,
f) Gills geripis at the end of the lamella and eventually rot.
g) There is a mass death in a short time (1-5 days).

In shrimp farming can also cause failure in production when the shrimp infected with the virus. The most dangerous diseases and cause losses for many farmers are due to infection of the virus (WSSV, TSV, YHD, IMNV, IHHNV). Viral diseases in shrimp that many incur losses for farmers in Indonesia, among others:
1989: MBV attack (Monodon Baculovirus),
1994: attack WSSV (White Spot Syndrome virus)
2003: attack TSV (Taura Syndrome Virus)
2006: attack IMNV (Myonecrosis Infectious Virus)