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Endorsement For Product Expenditure

The same information is also required on the surrender letter with additional expenditure dates and receipts. Therefore, it is often easier to combine the two forms to save writing work and avoid errors in copying.

Production Records
A fish processing unit serves management in a number of ways, all of which are interconnected in terms of ways that reflect their productive and cost processes. These ways consist of:

  • · Detailed production planning in terms of material requirements, labor and machine time
  • · Estimated costs for price records and cost control
  • · Request of material to be available at the specified time
  • · Work scheduling to keep the load evenly at factory capacity and meet production targets
  • · The development of work through the plant in accordance with the production plan
  • · Recording materials, person hours and machine hours used in various processes and jobs
  • · Gathering the necessary information to calculate the work payments based on the generated or incentive bonuses
  • · Provision of information related to the implementation of production and costs, so that management and supervisors are aware of any deviations from the established plan.

These goals all relate widely to the establishment of a production plan, which informs those who must carry it out and take steps to inform the plant and general management of the extent to which the plan has been or has not been achieved.

It is often easy to set up separate schedules for separate schedules for materials to be pulled from stock and materials that must be purchased specifically. The schedule can serve four main purposes:

  • · Records as a basis for checking material availability while loading jobs into the factory.
  • · Notification of units of purchase of materials to be purchased or to stockpiles to be reserved.
  • · Records from which materials can be requested.
  • · Base for costing of material demand.

It is therefore usual to make copies of the schedule for final distribution to the unit of purchase, warehouse unit, experimental unit, and costing unit.

Now we enter the observing activities in learning bookkeeping production administration. Activities observed consist of seeking information about the activities of writing (administration) within the scope of production activities of fresh fish processing and export standard frozen fish.