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Flow Velocity and Debit Water

The movement of water or water flow required for the availability of food for microorganisms and oxygen. In addition to avoiding the reef of the deposition process. The presence of water slurry caused by the movement of water will produce oxygen in these waters. In general, when a body of water has a fairly swift current, then the level of dissolved oxygen will also be higher.
a) Current meter or floating objects (ping pong ball)
b) Roll meter
c) Stop watch
d) rope raffia
e) The twigs wood

Ways of working :
Every 100 meters of these waters are marked with wooden sticks in the direction of the water flow.
a) a pingpong ball that had been tied with rope laid on the surface of the water in unison with the implementation of a stop watch.
b) The speed of ball movement is recorded every 100 meters.
c) The experiment was repeated several times and averaged.


Water discharge
Water discharge is the volume of water flow per unit time. Water discharge waters affected by the cross-sectional area and the velocity.

a) Roll meter
b) a metal Pendulum
c) The ball pingpong

Ways of working :
a) Measured width and length of the waters, the waters of the width and length are distributed to several points.
b) Then, at each point measured depth with a pendant made of metal for later cross-sectional images and measured the waters of the marine area (A m2).
c) Calculated also speed water flow by using ping pong balls.

Q = A x V
A = cross-sectional area (wide x deep)
V = velocity flow


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