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Fresh Fish Products Equipment

Given the production (processing) tuna loin requires only a simple processing technology, then the facilities and equipment needed is also not too complicated. Minimum facilities and equipment needed for small-scale tuna loin processing located on a small scale include:

  • Process room (processing room), size 6 x 10 m2
  • Stainless steel cutting table
  • Trimming stainless steel table
  • Stainless steel fillet blades
  • Stainless steel trimming knife
  • Sterofoam
  • Cutting board
  • Boots
  • Blue basket (basket)
  • Basket (basket) red
  • Blong plastic
  • Manual capacity of 100 kg

Figure 14. Processing Table

Figure 15. Loin and Trimming Knives

Figure 16. Digital Scales

Figure 17. Blong water

Figure 18. Cart

Figure 19. Plastic Cutting Knife

Figure 20. Process Room

Although the tuna loin processing business uses simple technology, but not so with the equipment it uses. The equipment used in this processing business is quite expensive and specific. For example, stainless steel fillet blades and stainless steel trimming knives not sold in public markets, Equipment requirements according to Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 01-4104.3-2006 are all equipment and equipment used in handling and processing of frozen tuna loin having a smooth surface And flat, not peeling, not corroded, not a source of contamination of microorganisms, not cracked and easy to clean. All equipment is clean, before, during and after use.


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