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In-Canned Products

If you wish to further process the product in a can, salt or vegetable oils may be selected. Shelf life or shelf life in cans varies greatly depending on the type of food, container, canning process undertaken, and storage conditions. If processing and storage are well done, canned food generally lasts for up to two years. Some things that cause the duration of fish in cans are:

  • The fish used has passed the selection stage, so the quality and freshness is guaranteed to be good.
  • The fish has gone through the screening process, thus avoiding the contaminant microbe source, which is contained in the entrails and gills.
  • Warming has enough killing microbial decomposition and the cause of disease.
  • Fish belong to low-class foods, which have a pH range of 5.6-6.5. The existence of a medium in a can is durable. At a high acidity level (at bawab pH 4.6), Clostridium botulinum can not grow
  • The closure of the can is done in a tight, perfect meeting so it can not be passed by gas, microbial, air, water vapor, and other contaminants. Thus, products in cans become more durable.

One thing to remember is that heating can not kill all microbes, especially thermofilik (heat resistant). Such heat-resistant microbes will not grow under normal storage conditions. If storage is carried out in a room of high enough temperature or exposed to direct sunlight, the heat resistant microbe reactivates and damages the product.

Storage of the product should be carried out at sufficiently low temperatures, such as at normal room temperature with low humidity. It will be even better when stored in the refrigerator. Storage conditions greatly affect the quality of fish in cans. Temperatures that are too high can increase the damage to taste, color, texture, and vitamins contained by the material due to the occurrence of chemical reactions.

Cans are tin- coated steel sheets . For the layman, cans are often defined as containers or containers made of metal and used to pack food, drink, or other products. In this sense, the cans also include containers made of aluminum. The various forms of cans aimed at the beauty of cans that make the consumer appeal to buy canned fish products other than that also adapted to the raw materials of fish. When the raw materials used in large size then also require a large cans tailored to the medium.


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