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Ozonizer Tools

Ozonizer is a means of generating ozone (O3). This tool is often used in marine aquariums for sterilization purposes. Sterilization and water purification with ozone has long been used in the field of water and wastewater management. Ozone is a reactive form of oxygen (O₂). This molecule is capable of destroying a large number of particles of waste and toxic materials, malalui oxidation process.

Toxic materials will be able to be changed by ozone into compounds that are less toxic, and increase the ability of the material to be easily absorbed by bacteria, algae, and activated carbon.

In the aquarium, this capability was used to kill a wide variety of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores, as well as some other contaminant materials. The side effects of ozone such as the ability to clean the color and smell is the main reason why ozone is often used in marine aquariums, especially coral aquarium.

Ozone helps increase the foaming of the particles was not even able to form a foam, thus it will be able to improve the performance of a protein skimmer in the marine aquarium. When ozone is used in conjunction with a protein skimmer dirt particles that can not be eliminated by foaming will be destroyed further into particles simpler and subsequently discharged into the atmosphere, nitrate is converted into a form that is more easily consumed by bacteria and algae in the aquarium.

In general, after 24-48 hours of skimming is done with ozone, water aquarium seemed to disappear, because it is net of the water, due to all paritkel very fine-particle and particle color has been removed from the water. Ozone should be used in aquariums through a reaction container such as a protein skimmer. This is necessary so that good contact between water and ozone in advance.

Ozone for aquarium purposes was made with an electrostatic generator and ultraviolet light, this tool became known as ozonizer. An aerator is required as pancatu air on the tool. In certain types ozonizer, Ozonizer required between the aerator and dehumidified, usually consisting of a container containing Dessicant (moisture absorbent).
Figure 12. Various types of products Ozonizer

The use of ozone is known to have an impact, namely, rubber and plastic damage, including piping / air hose on the aerator. Therefore, skimmer which receives water from the “ozonation” must be made of ozone resistant plastic material. Ozone is released into the aquarium or sump can irritate the mucous membranes of humans and can be harmful to birds, and can damage the gills of fish and invertebrate tissue.

Excess ozone will oxidize impurities in the storage of foam skimmer so it will create a smell that bad. Some mill skimmer has anticipated this possibility by providing odor barrier and active ingredients absorbent foam excess ozone in the bin, so the air will be filtered before regardless spatial telebih. The akuaris that uses ozonizer as a steriliser, it is recommended to avoid the use of artificial sea salt in marine aquariums that contain a lot of bromide.

Excess ozone can react with bromide to form hypobromite ion (OBr-) which will then be oxidized to form bromate ion (BrO3-). Bromate is a strong okidator such as whiteners (bleach). Bromate can be stable in seawater for several hours and can accumulate to toxic levels. Ozonation could create carcinogenic hydrocarbon material brominat. Therefore, the use of ozone as needed.

Ozonizer available in various sizes and prices. For marine aquarium ozone is only needed in very small amounts, therefore, use the smallest ozonizer is more than enough for a large marine aquarium home. A dose of about 10 g / h / 200 liters of water is sufficient and ekfektif.