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Packaging Functions

Packaging is one way to increase the added value of products to be sold and extend the durability of products to be sold, the following is one function and the role of packaging on a product
 – Packaging as a Moving Tool
Packaging is a container for the product and at the same time can serve as a means of transfer from one place to another in a certain amount of weight / amount of content.

 – Packaging As Indirect Promotion
Indirectly, the appearance of a packaging can be a free ad / promotional veiled when it is displayed in the storefront or at the time of distribution. The more interesting the design concept of packaging and laying / displaynya it will be more compelling

– Packaging As Brand Image / Brand Image
Packaging is a medium for embedding the brand image to the consumer so that consumers are easy to remember and fanatical to choose the product example: From a distance of view and in a less than perfect placement Coca Cola bottle will remain more easily known.

As we know, the current packaging is made of various materials, ranging from plastic, paper, cans and so forth. The following describes the types of packaging commonly used for packaging a product, namely:

  • Paper, Carton, Corrugated Carton (primary & secondary packaging, relatively stable development)
  • Rigid plastic packaging (primary & secondary packaging, relatively stable development)
  • Flexible Packaging (Primary packaging, its development is increasing rapidly.)
  • Metals (primary & secondary packaging, rapidly declining development.)
  • Glass (Primary packaging, relatively stable development)
  • Sacks (primary & secondary packaging, relatively stable development)

Of the many types of packaging today, this type of flexible packaging that is made of flexible plastic packaging becomes the most rapid alternative to its users, because of several advantages:
 – Can be combined with AF, paper or other plastic type.
 – Generally printed in Rotogravure / Flexography
 – When filled in volume in accordance with the field, when empty only takes a little space.
 – In terms of cost, flexible packaging type is cheaper than other types of packaging.


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