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Packing Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard folding and cardboard is a popular type of paper because it is practical and inexpensive. In trading is also called folding carton (FC), and used to package the material results Agriculture or other types of goods. The most widely used material for making folding cartons is a cylinder board made up of several layers, and the center is made of recycled paper, while the other two are pure newspaper and pure material.

To improve the properties of the folding cartons, they can be coated with cellulose acetate and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which are plastered. The casein mixed on the surface of the paper will give a smoother and whiter print surface.

The advantage of folding cartons is that they can be used for transportation, and can be decorated in attractive shapes on the transportation of luxury goods. Teapi weakness is the tendency to tear in certain parts. The most common basic models of folding cartons consist of:

  • · Reverse tuck ( reverse tuck )
  • · Basic self closing ( auto-lock bottom )
  • · Airplane style
  • · Model folds straight
  • · End gluing model ( seal end )
  • · The basic hardware model

Of these six basic models developed other models namely

  • · Mailing locks model
  • · Gluing the tip with the ears of Van Buren
  • · Cracker Model
  • · Adjustment of closing edges
  • · Breakaway fliptop
  • · Ice cream packaging model

Selection of the type or model of folding cartons to be used as packaging, depending on the type of product to be packaged and the market demand. Quality testing of folding carton packaging can be a fall test for filled containers, bulge or bulge testing, compression strength testing and stiffening power in relation to air humidity.

Thin Carton ( Folding Box / Cardboard Box )
The use of thin cartons for packaging, received additional ingredients and the quality of the thin cardboard produced depends on the type of additive. For example: for food that must always be in a fresh state stored in the refrigerator, then used thin plastic coated cardboard ( PE coated ) or coated wax ( wax coated ). This type is used for packing shrimp, meat or frozen fish or a bowl for ice cream. If the packaging design is made attractive, then a thin cardboard can be used as a display box .

Cardboard Corrugated ( Corrugated Fibreboard )
Corrugated boxes are also called corrugated cartons or cardboard Grooved consists of 2 kinds of corrugated sheet , namely:

  • · Kraft paper ( kraft liner ) for outer and inner layers
  • · Medium corrugated medium paper

The grammage of kraft paper and medium paper is as follows:

Table 3. Comparison of Paper Weight Size

Kraft paper Medium paper
125 grams / m 2 112 grams / m 2
150 grams / m 2 115 grams / m 2
200 gram / m 2 125 grams / m 2
300 gram / m 2 150 grams / m 2

clip_image001Corrugated sheet there are several kinds, namely:

  • · Single wall: one layer with thickness ± 3 mm (B / Flute) and 4 mm (C / Flute)
  • · Double wall: 2 layers with thickness ± 7 mm (CB / Flute)
  • · TripleWall: 3 layers, and others.