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Seaweed Growth

Growth is increase the size of a cell or organism that take place in quantitative or measurable. While the development (differentiation) is a process towards maturity in an organism, a change of state of a number of cells to form organs that have different structures and functions. Growth can also be interpreted as a change in the size of an organism that can be either heavy or long period of time.

There are two kinds of growth is the growth of primary and secondary growth. Primary growth is the result of cell division of primary meristem tissue. Taking place on embryos, parts of plants such as the ends of the roots and stems. Regional growth in roots and stems can be divided into 3 (three) which is the area division, elongation regions and areas of differentiation. While growth is a secondary activity of cells of secondary meristem cambium and the cork cambium.

This growth was found in dicotyledonous plants, gymnosperms and causes enlargement of the size (diameter) of plants.

Factors affecting growth
The growth of seaweed kelp occurs because the process of respiration and photosynthesis. Seaweed growth is strongly influenced by two factors: internal factors and external factors. Internal factors affecting among other species, strain / strain, part thallus and seedlings. While external factors affecting among other physical and chemical state of the waters. However, in addition to these factors there are other factors that determine the success of the growth of seaweed that management made by humans.