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Soil and Water Conservation In Mechanics

Mounds of earth mounds are made elongated in the direction of the contour lines or cut slope (Sitanala Arsyad 1989). Ridges are usually made by the farmers with the soil stack height between 20-50 cm and width of the base between 30-60 cm. In the area around the point Buncir or Cinagara farmers-mounds mounds planted with corn, beans and cassava. They can harvest in a row because the nuts can be harvested about 70 days, the corn can be harvested 70 to 110 days and cassava harvested at 300 days (10 months) to 360 days (12 months).

Such farming practices in terms of soil and water conservation benefit for intensive soil tillage reduced intensity.
Figure 20. Mounds of Mangrove

Mangrove forests (mangroves) has many benefits, one of them in order to prevent flooding. Unfortunately, many mangrove forests in Indonesia damaged by salty water submerged due to abrasion on the beach. This damage can cause local flooding in the coastal region, as happened in the toll road to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, during a heavy rain. Preservation and replanting of mangrove forests on lands that were flooded brackish water needs to be done to prevent flooding.

Mechanical mounds could have to do that, especially for land flooded by water sufficiently deep and fast-flowing quiet, and fast-flowing. How to create patches of soil as a growing medium mangrove plants.

Where gulud patio suitable to be applied?
• The slope of the land between 10-40%, while the slope of 40-60% can be made but it is often less effective.
• The condition is rather shallow soils (> 20 cm), but is able to absorb water quickly.

How to manufacture and maintenance ridges?
• Create contour lines in accordance with the distance or magnitude gulud vertical interval (IV = vertical interval) is desired.
• Making guludan starting from the upper slopes and continuing to the bottom.
• Terrace gulud with water channels created forming sideways or at an angle of 0,1 0,5% with contour lines toward the drain.
• The drains dug and soil backfilled excavation results at the bottom of the slope made mounds.
• Tanami terraces with grass amplifier as having thick perakatan eg elephant grass, grass Setaria that the mounds are not easily broken.
• Sewer water (SPA) need to be strengthened grasses also be strong / secure.


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