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The Salting Process

a) Method of dry salting
· The amount of salt required varies according to the size of the fish. For large fish the amount of salt required is 20% – 30%. As for medium-sized fish the amount of salt required is 15% – 20%. For small fish the amount of salt required is only about 5%.

· Salt is sown at the bottom of the container. Then on it is arranged fish with the fish belly facing down. Above the fish layer, salt is sown again. And so on until all the fish collected in the container. The top layer of fish is sprinkled with 5cm thick salt.

· The container is closed with a lid that has been weighed.

· The process of salting lasts for 1 – 3 days.

· The process of salting is considered complete when there is a change in the texture of fish, fish meat becomes taut and solid.

· After the salting process is complete, the fish is removed from the salting container, washed, and cleaned from the dirt.

b) Wet salting method
The concentration of salt solution used in the wet salting method in accordance with the level of salinity required.

· Fish arranged neatly in containers that have been provided. Then the salt solution is inserted until all the fish are submerged.

· Close the container and use the ballast.

· If the concentration of fluids inside and outside the body of the fish is the same then the salting process is considered complete.

· Fish removed from container salting, washed, and drained.

c) Method of kench salting
· In this method the container is not required. The fish is stacked on a flat plane and sprinkled with salt to taste until all the fish’s body is covered with salt. Pile of fish covered with plastic.

· The process of salting is complete when there has been a change in body texture of fish menjdi tight and solid.

After being washed and drained, the fish is dried on the prepared para.
Figure 9. Drying / drying process

Finished fish through salting and drying process packaged using clean packing materials. Then stored in a dry and clean place.
Figure 10. Salted fish that has been packaged


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