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Type of Clotting Tools

Based on how it works, there are several types of clotting tools such as the following:

  • Water Blast Freezing
    This freezer uses cold air as a refrigerant. This tool consists of several types, namely type of room, tunnel and the type of conveyor belt (belt conveyor).
  • Contact Plate Freezing
    Contact Plate Freezer is perfect for freezing fishery products packed in square boxes, weighing 1-4 kg. In freezing this system, the frozen product is clamped between two hollow plates filled with refrigerant.
  • Immersion freezing
    This type of freezer is specifically used for freezing whole fish such as tuna (large cob), shrimp with head. How to freeze it by dipping the fish into a salt (NaCl) -17oC or by spraying the fish using cold brine.
  • Cryogenic freezing
    Cryogenic freezer is a type of freezer that uses liquid CO2 and N2. This type of freezer can produce very low temperatures, ie -78oC for liquid CO2 and -196oC for liquid N2.
  • Freezing with IQF freezer
    Freezing with IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezer aims for each piece of fish or shrimp to be frozen without sticking to each other. Processed fish or other food items into the freezer by conveyor at 5 ° C to 10 ° C and exit in freezing temperature of -18o to -20oC, freezing time 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the thickness of the product.
  • Sharp Freezing
    Freezing with Sharp freezer includes slow freezing. The way of freezing is by putting the products on a number of cooling racks are arranged horizontally. The shelves consist of cooling pipes, using refrigerant ammonia or freon.

The definition of freezing according to SNI 01-4110.1-2006 is processed products of fishery products with fish raw materials subjected to the following treatments: acceptance, washing, sorting, weeding, weighing, preparation or without drafting, freezing, welding or without clarity, packing, labeling and storage. Quality requirement and safety of frozen fish food according to SNI are:

Table 1. Quality and Food Safety Requirements

The implementation of organoleptic quality test for frozen fish is different from the treatment of fresh fish organoleptic test, frozen fish quality test has its own assessment sheet.