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Energy System, Braking and Registering

A. Moving System
Moving system is mechanization in energimeter system consisting of a thin disc or discs made of aluminum mounted on a spindle and put on the air gap between the series and shunt magnet magnet, so it will be induced eddy currents in the aluminum disk. Because the magnetic field generated in the series of magnets and the magnetic shunt 90 degrees out of phase, it will be resurrected rotary field as happens shaded-pole motor (shaded pole) so that the rotating disc.
Figure 7.13 phasor diagrams Energimeter

V = Voltage source
I = load current lags the voltage source
Cos  = work load factor (lagging)
Ish = flow caused by the discs sh
Ise = currents caused by the discs se

B. Braking System
Braking system consists of a permanent magnet is called a magnetic brake. The permanent magnet is placed at the end of the disc. If the disc rotates in a permanent magnetic field will be induced eddy current. Eddy cuurent that rise will react with the flux and torque that opposes the motion of the disc. The braking torque is proportional to the rotational speed of the disc.
Figure 7.14 Energimeter Electrodynamic Type Single Phase

C. Registering System
Spindle on the disc is connected to the mechanization of the mechanical chopper. Mechanization counter (counter) to record the number that is proportional to the amount of the rotation. Enumerators calibrated to show the amount of electrical energy consumption in units swivel watt-hour (kWh).

The amount of the rotation will go down to the devices mechanical chopper. Then the number of rounds recorded on a mechanical chopper device is calibrated as the amount of energy consumption is used. Constants measured in kWh-meter is the number of the rotation meter to determine its value kWh by the symbol C. (for example C = 1250 r / kWh).

A kWh-meter installed on the electrical installation of single phase to record the energy consumption that has been used for six shows rotating disc meters have been as many as 1800 rounds. If the energimeter constant 1250 rph / kWh, specify the value of the electricity that has been used for six hours.

So the amount of energy consumed during the six hours are: