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Paper and Plastic Film Capacitors

A. Capacitors Paper
Consists of a thin sheet of paper, dipped into the oil or liquid wax whose function is to prevent inhaling moist air and also to improve or increase the dielectric strength, then the paper is coated with a thin aluminum sheet.
Figure 5.2. paper capacitors

Contact the aluminum metal sheets sufficiently made by soldering on a swatch of metal (tab) that produces sheet in a state embedded design, or by extending the sheet on each end. On the type of sheet is extended, the connection is made by soldering at the end of an end cap on the sheets that stand out. The final stage, the capacitor is sealed in a metal tin, or packaged in amber beds.

Capacitors of the type of sheet metal has a tendency for the capacitance value becomes greater as the sheets themselves have a certain thickness ranges 5m and the paper has a thickness of about 10m. Physically, the capacitors made smaller by making the metal on the dielectric by way mengedapkan aluminum on the paper in question. The capacitors have a metal-coated metal-free edges, allowing connections made at the ends.

Another advantage of this type of coated metal is that this type has a property called “self healing”. When dielectric breakdown at a certain place sati a thing, as the heat generated by the sparks, then he will soon be able to vaporize a thin metal layer around the damage, and this matter can avoid short circuit. As for the capacitors type of sheet metal if damaged in the dielectric, then he is not there is the nature of self-healing properties and even more aggravating dielectric damage due to short circuit sparks.

Advantages kind of metal sheet material when compared to metal laisan is that the sheet metal can create a larger power dissipation, and has the characteristic pulse and loads more the better.

B. Film Plastic
Capacitors of this type have similar physical construction with the capacitor paper type, and the type of sheet metal and the type of metal layers. The difference is in the type of sheet metal, some thin films made of plastic material interspersed with aluminum foil and rolled into a coil machines. Then the coil is equipped with a closed-end cap and wrapped in resin or varnish as a kind of isolation.
Figure 5.3. Examples of the plastic film capacitor construction

The kind of film capacitors polystyrene or sheet metal is plastic capacitors were first produced and can provide excellent stability, with high dielectric insulation resistance, and low temperature coefficient. Capacitors of this type can be produced with tolerances are fairly small, but with a rather large physical shape as the metal layer on polystyrene films may not be possible due to the rather low melting point. Plastic dielectric capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits for applications rangkaian- uncritical is a type of polystyrene by metal. And capacitors of this type is more commonly referred to as a type of polyester.