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Clutch Rubber Tires

The machines connected by driving through koplingflens rigid, adjustment requires very careful to be second pivot axis that are linked may be a straight line. In addition, vibrations and collisions that occurred in the relay of power between the engine-driven penggerakdan can not be muted, so that it can shorten the life of the engine and cause noise. to avoid difficulties above can be used clutch rubber tires.

This coupling can work well Mekipun second pivot axis that connects not really straight. This coupling can also reduce impact and vibration that occurs in the transmission. Although there was an error in the installation of the shaft, within certain limits as shown below.
Figure 3:47 Regions permissible error on the coupling rubber tires.

This coupling can still continue with halus.pemasangan power and release can also be done with the relationship mudahkarena done with a pin bolt on rubber tires. load variations can also be absorbed by the rubber tires, while the electrical connection between the two shafts can be prevented in the image below shows the general arrangement of rubber tires in use
Figure 3:48 clutch arrangement of rubber tires.

Because so many advantages, wider usage of this coupling. Although the price is slightly higher than the rigid flange coupling, but the benefits from other aspects of the larger.