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Sample Containers Natural Gas

Used sample containers of metal, which is resistant to corrosion and has a high safety factor. Suggested sample container is made of stainlees steel, because it can reduce the occurrence of surface adsorption of heavy hydrocarbon components (hexane and heavier components) and also to reduce the occurrence of reaction between carbon dioxide and container. Sample container has one or two Valve Valve, this depends on the selected sampling procedures.

The sample container and Valve must have a working pressure equal to or greater than the maximum pressure in the sampling, storage or tool carrier (transport) sample container. The size of the sample container depending on the number of samples required for laboratory tests to be made. Table I provides the size of the recommended minimum number of samples for laboratory testing.

Sample Transfer Line
Sample transfer line in the form of tubing made of stainless steel, steel, or copper or any other metal tenacious, not reactive samples. Stainlees steel used for pressures above 1000 psi or for gas containing H2S. Valve source of sampling associated with sampling container is equipped with two, namely Valve Valve Valve A and B, where Valve A is connected directly to the sample container (see Figure 1). More practical to sample a short line.
Figure 1. Typical Layout Gas Sampling

Duplicate Samples
If the sampling replicates very difficult or not possible, it is advisable to take samples duplication. Duplicate samples is done by using the sample containers are mounted in parallel and then in the same contents.