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Purging Controlled Rate Methode

The composition of the equipment as shown in Figure 5. The procedure for sampling with this method are:
1) Open the sampling valve and remove the dirt accumulated there.
2) Arrange the sample container in accordance with Figure 5
3) Install copper tubing or the other along the third and fourth valve.
4) Close all valves
5) Go to full slowly sampling valve (valve 1)
6) Open the inlet valve slowly sample container (valve 2)
7) Open full (valve 3) slowly valve outlet sample containers
8) Open the valve slowly a full extension tube (valve 4)
9) The flow in this way for a certain time as shown in Figure 7.8 or 9
10) Close all valves with sequence-order berkebalikkan the way when starting
11) Transfer the test sample container and valve leakage is to dip in the water or by using a leak detection solution. Subsequently valve corked.

Figure 5. Sampling Gas – Purging Controlled Rate Methode

Figure 7. Time purging for 10 volume change – seconds