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Working Principle Pumps

At the pump are the blades of the impeller that serves as a place a process of energy conversion from mechanical energy becoming fluid energy round head. The impeller is mounted on the pump shaft related. The pump shaft rotates when driving round. Because the pump shaft rotates impeller with blades rotating impeller, the liquid in it will also rotate so that the pressure and kecepatanya up and knocked off the pump to the middle of the channel-shaped or spiral volut then out through the nozzle.
Figure 3:53 pumping process

So the function of the pump impeller is to transform mechanical energy into energy that is round impeller fluid (liquid). In other words, the liquid entering the pump will have added energy. Added energy in liquid water add up to head press, head speed and a potential head. The sum of the three forms of head is called the total head. The total head pumps can also be defined as the difference between the total head (energy unity weight) on the suction side of the pump by hand to the outside of the pump.

At 3:54 the picture, the flow of water in the pump will not rotate because the centrifugal force of the spinning impeller.
Figure 3:54 energy change of liquid at the pump

classification Pumps
According to the form of impeller, centrifugal pump diklasifkasikan into three, namely radial flow impeller, axial flow impellers and radial and axial flow impeller. Radial pumps have resulted in the construction of liquid to the outside of the impeller perpendicularly to the pump shaft. As for the axial pump, the flow direction will be parallel to the pump shaft, and mixed flow pump flow direction follows the shape of a cone berbetuk impeller.

According to the shape of the pump house, pump with volut shaped house is called volut pump, while homes with so-called diffuser pump diffuser. At the pump diffuser, with the installation of the diffuser on the perimeter of the impeller, the pump will improve efficiency and add to the sturdiness of the pump house. For that reason, this type of pump is widely used in large pumps with high head. In contrast to the type of pump, cut water pump impeller rotation 100 mixed flow impeller often do not use the diffuser, but the home volut because liquid flows more easily and are not blocked, this type of pump is widely used in sewage treatment.
Figure 3:55 Klasifiaksi unfounded pump pump house