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Microcomputer Architecture

Microprocessors can not stand alone components to process the data, perform calculations, requires other components, so-called system microprocessor or microcomputer. The microcomputer architecture can be seen in the image below:


Figure 2 Architecture microcomputers

Microprocessor / CPU
Microprocessor or CPU is the “brain” which is the main control of all operations in the computer system. Microprocessor taking the binary instructions from memory, translates into a series of action and run it. The action could be a transfer of data to and from memory, arithmetic and logic operations, or the generation of control signals. In the microprocessor system contained data lines, address lines and control lines to the control signal to instruct its other components.

As in Figure 2.3 display microprocessor 8085, has 8-bit data path means of D0 to D7, memililiki 16 address lines from A0 to A15 and has a line of controllers.


Figure 3 Microprocessor 8085

The CPU or CPU component has three main internal components of the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit), CU (Control Unit), and registers. Can be seen in the image below one picture intel 8080 microprocessor architecture


Figure 4 internal architecture microprocessor / CPU

a. ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) This unit serves to handle arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and logic operations (and, or, exor and others).
b. CU (Control Unit / control unit) serves to set all internal processes (transfer of data, penaganan interruption, controlling the course of the program, the control device inputs and outputs along with power (resourse) on the microprocessor.
c. Register is basically a memory that can be accessed very quickly by the microprocessor. Operations of complex arithmetic and logic require a temporary storage area and the results of the operation stages. The process of moving data from storage media to the memory locations also require a temporary shelter at the register.