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Cassava and Sweet Potato Chips

Cassava chips is food made from cassava is thinly sliced then fried using cooking oil. According to the National Standardization Body in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), cassava is a snack food products, made from cassava (manihot sp) sliced / chopped, fried with or without the addition of other foods and food additives are permitted. This food is a snack that is much in demand by the public.

Flavor snack of cassava chips usually are salty flavor with savory onions. But the present development raises many flavor variations cassava chips, not only but also salted salty savory spicy and sweet spicy otherwise known as spice Balado. Currently the producers of cassava chips were not only industrial-scale household / small industry, but it has developed medium and large industries, where the quality of her bakery products are concerned.

As well as cassava, sweet potato can also be processed into chips. The manufacturing process is the same, namely by way of sliced / shredded, fried with or without the addition of food additives are permitted.

quality Chips
In general, the quality of the chips is determined by the texture is crunchy addition to taste the savory, sweet or spicy depending on the variety was great. National Standardization Agency (BSN) issued national standards for products of cassava chips (SNI 01-4305-1996) and sweet potato chips (SNI 01-4306-1996). Although the SNI different but both have almost the same quality requirements. In detail the quality requirements of cassava chips can be seen in Table 14.

Table 14. Quality Requirements Sweet Potato Chips (SNI 01-4306-1996).