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Saving Materials Agricultural Products

Packaging is an integral part in the activities of the handling and processing of agricultural products. Since the ingredients are in place harvesting up to consumers requires packaging activities. Material sold is generally packaged either in whole or in part in accordance with needs. According to the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 / Permentan / OT.140 / 10/2009 on Guidelines for Post-Harvest Handling of Agricultural Products of Plant Origin (Good Handling Practices), packing a product wrapping danatau accommodate activities by using media or certain materials to protect products of disruption outside factors that can affect the shelf life.

Packaging can be done in various ways and using a variety of packaging materials. Packaging materials can be derived from various types of natural and synthetic such as leaves, paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, cans, aluminum foil and bamboo. Packaging can use danatau tool machines with the type and specifications according to the nature and characteristics of the packaging pertanian.Bahan result may not cause damage, contamination of crops are packaged and not carrying pests.

Packaging activities are closely related to marketing activities and storage, although it can also be a separate section. The ability to package has the potential to be rewarded economically, must be supported by the pattern of packaging product marketing good results. Before reviewing more about packaging materials and storage of agricultural and fishery products, let us briefly recall some of the things we often experienced.

Let’s start from observing the activities of marketing of agricultural and fishery products are carried out in traditional markets and modern markets (super market). How do traders present products are sold and how services are provided to the buyers or consumers? What is the difference between the two? Next let us observe from the side of the wrapper or packaging is used, what are the differences? The second way of marketing the product, what the pros and kekuranganya?

Sales service in the modern market is generally better than in the traditional market services. Is the quality of the goods sold in traditional markets lower than those sold in the modern market? This question is often answered “true”, that the quality of the goods sold in traditional markets is usually lower, although not necessarily the case. The quality of goods offered in the traditional market is very diverse.

The diversity of quality of goods required to meet the needs of consumers both in terms of affordability and necessity items for the next process. However, apart from this we need to examine more deeply why in general goods with the same quality in the modern market is more expensive than in traditional markets? One of the things that affect these conditions is the presentation and attractive packaging.

From the statement terbut the question arises, whether the packaging on the material aims to increase the sale value of goods? On that basis, the competence of packaging and storage of materials becomes very important study. The competencies include the purpose, principles and techniques of packing and storing agricultural produce and practices of good packaging. Let us learn with this packaging issue more deeply so that we can do the packaging padabahan agricultural and fishery products properly.