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Sorting and Grading Method

Methods of sorting and grading systems running the other table is to use a conveyor system, with this method the product must flow to a certain speed and not too fast so workers can do their jobs well. The rotational speed of push-bar conveyor or rollers should be adjusted to rotate or twist the products individually on its axis twice the range of view of the workers.

Periodical rotation of worker positions on the line will help reduce fatigue. Supervisors should be able to quickly identify under-sorting and over-sorting. Sorting and grading equipment with conveyor system can be seen in the following figure.

7.Peralatan image sorting and grading with conveyor system

Conveyor systems can be grouped into three types, namely conveyors, Push-bar conveyor, conveyor rollers. Conveyor belt conveyor system is the simplest, where workers must handle the sorting of the products manually to see all sides and inspect the damage. Push-bar conveyor causes the produce to rotate forward as it is pushed through the sorter. A roller conveyor rotates the product backwards as it moves through the sorter.

Types of conveyors are presented in the following figure.
Figure 8. The roller conveyor system is working

Separation Based on Size and Shape
Sorting and grading can be done based on different sizes of products (Sizing). In addition to considering the size of the product process, sorting and grading is based on consideration of the shape of the product. Products that are round in shape like orange, can be graded using a ring-shaped gauges. Gauges form a ring can be made from wood or purchased ready-made gauges with varying ring sizes.

Is less effective tool for selecting products or commodities with a sizeable amount because the measurement is done manually one by one single handheld ring gauge and some sizes can be seen in the following figure.
Figure 9. handheld ring gauge single and multiple sizes