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Strengthening Waybill

Between the last pile and the back of the transport vehicle must be empty space. Therefore, the charge should be strengthened / fastened to prevent a shift in the rear of the vehicle during the removal process. If the load shifts, it can block air circulation and paperboard falling can be dangerous for workers to open the door in the destination market. Simple amplifier of the timber can be constructed and installed to prevent damage during transport.
Figure 42. Strengthening charge

Strengthening the charge can be done by using boosters of wood, air pillows or Styrofoam blocks. The key is to stop the shifting pile of products to reduce damage during transport.

Transportation systems affect trading success both locally and internationally. The role of transportation services to the international erdagangan vital infrastructure. Freight done must be timely and able to retain the quality and quantity of products.

Besides the cost of transport should be affordable, because the cost of expensive and uncertain factors inhibiting the transport process itself. This is a factor to consider in the process of transportation.