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Tools Sorting and Grading

To separate the products with considerable amounts can be used multilevel sorting table. Each table is made of plywood, and has been perforated with holes with special size, table top having an aperture of the largest and lowest table has the smallest hole size. A layer of onions spilled on the table top. Onions that do not pass through are classified as size “Extra Large (Extra Large)”.

Onions other through the holes in the table fall into a mesh bag and rolled into a large container. The container containing onions spilled on the table a second measurement. Onions that do not make the holes a second measurement table are classified as “Large (Large)”, and so on. Picture sorting tool multilevel table presented in the following figure.

Figure 10. Table sorting terraced

Fruit sorting and grading tool can jugai composed of a rectangular chute made of plywood, padded with foam to prevent bruising. The fruit is dumped into the octagonal platform at the top of the chute made oblique, then allowed to roll one by one, down toward a series of obstacles. Large fruits will be captured in the first barrier, then the second barrier mediumdalam size pieces, and pieces of small size in the last barriers.

Fruits with small size out at the end of the chute directly into a container. Workers must manually remove each fruit and placed into the appropriate size container before the next fruit can pass through the chute. Job grading is based on the size difference will be effective if there are five workers are stationed at each of the separator. Drawing tools sorting and grading fruit can jugai composed of a rectangular chute is presented in the following figure.

Figure 11. Tool sorting and grading fruit

The use of sorting and grading the conveyor system can be combined with a belt or chain that has a more specific form of holes of various sizes. The holes can be square used for commodities such as apples, tomatoes and onions. Rectangle shape of the holes can be used for peaches and peppers and hexagonal-shaped hole that is often used for potatoes and onions.
Pictures holes with specific forms presented in the following figure.

Figure 12. Types of holes in the sieve sorting and grading


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