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Circulation Drilling Equipment

Circulation equipment is a major component in the circulation system. This equipment serves the mud from the mud pit to a series of drill pipe and up into the annulus to bring powders to drill into the surface toward solid control equipment, before returning to the mud pits to be re-circulated. This equipment consists of a mud pit, mud pump, pump discharge and return line, stand pipe and hose rotary. Keep in mind that the energy consumption of pumps in a drilling operation about 70% to 85% of the power supplied by the prime mover.
a. The pump is the heart of the mud circulating system. Its main function is to move the large volumes of drilling mud with tremendous pressure. There are two types of mud pump: (1) Duplex, (2) Triplex.Duplex work double acting and Triplex works with single acting.
b. Suction tank is a tank which is used to accommodate the drilling mud that will be used in operations pengeboran.Terletak in front of the mud pump.
c. Suction line is the pipe that is used to connect between the suction tank to the pump should be installed lumpur.Pipa as possible.
d. Discharge line is the pipe that is used to distribute the drilling mud out of the mud pump
e. Stand pipe is a steel pipe vertically enforced dimenara addition of a derrick or mast to connect the discharge line to the rotary hose and gooseneck connects to the stand pipe.
Figure 4.34. equipment Circulation

f. Rotary hose is a rubber hose woven steel reinforced weak and very strong, which connects the pipe with a swivel stand. The hose must be elastic, to allow the swivel move freely in vertikal.Selang should also be very strong for durable, because the work is very heavy in moving the drilling fluid were rude and high pressure (up to 5,000 psi). The player hose can be obtained with a length of up to approximately 75 feet.
g. Chiksen joint is the connection used to connect the stand pipe with rotary hose. This tool is able to withstand pressures up to 5000 psi so that the connection will not be released.
h. Return line is a pipe used for channeling drilling mud out of the hole annulus. This pipe is connected to a mud conditioning equipment.