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Delineation Drilling and Exploitation

Type of drilling is intended to determine the spread of the reservoir, looking for boundaries, as well as the thickness of the reservoir. In this existing drilling well data from the data drilling in exploration drilling so that the cost of drilling and well construction can already be considered relative.
Figure 3.3. Delineation drilling

To determine the boundaries of a reservoir then do some drilling with specific distances from the first wells. Drilling of a second well is expected to penetrate the oil zone with a very thin thickness, and the water zone is thick. It can be said as the oil reservoir boundary. However, when drilling to penetrate the thick oil zone as drilling a third well which still penetrate the thick oil and water appreciable thickness so it can not be used as a reservoir boundaries.

It is necessary for drilling the fourth on a certain distance from a second well. It turns out to four wells found no oil, just find the water very thick. So that the boundary between the oil and water wells are the third and fourth wells. To determine the boundaries of an oil reservoir is based on the thickness of the oil from each well drilled. Furthermore, based on the thickness-thickness of the oil from each well made isopach maps used to calculate the volume of rock containing oil.

drilling exploitation
The drilling is aimed to improve the drainage of the reservoir production and increase produksi.Pengeboran exploitation wells will cost much cheaper because the data is already complete well as into and reservoir thickness, type and nature of the rocks penetrated by the drill bit and others. Exploration wells can be converted into exploitation wells with a record of exploration wells are economical to diproduksiakan.

Wells that produce oil also called the production wells. So successful exploitation wells, also the production wells.
Gambar.3.4. Drilling Exploitation.