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Lifting Equipment

a. Drawwork
Drawwork an essential equipment in a lift system, because through drawwork, a driller conduct and regulate drilling operations. Drawwork also the home rather than rolls drilling line.Drilling ascending line is used to lower the system’s hoisting equipment. Drawwork holds a very important role so often the model / type drawwork be the name or designation of a rig.

Model drawwork written berdasarkannominal driling depth or maximum horsepower rating. Example: Drawwork National 1625-rated drilling depth of 16,000 to 25,000 ft Drawwork National 610-rated drilling depth of 6,000 to 10,000 ft. Drawwork Ideco H 1200 HP, HP Input maximum-rated 1200 HP – 800 HP.
Figure 4.7. Drawwork

b. Overhead tools
Overhead is a series of tool set of equipment consisting of crown block, traveling block, links, elevators and deadline anchor. The equipment can be seen in Figure 4.8.
Figure 4.8. overhead Tools

Crown Block mounted on top or top mast formed daru pully-pully, connected with the traveling block through the drilling line, to lift some of the drilling equipment. Crown Block works when drilling line is pulled or lowered by drawwork.

Travelling block moves to adjust crown block, moving up and down for a lifted hook block.
Link is a device used to connect between the traveling block with an elevator. The tool is installed on the ears traveling block and elevators.

Elevators are devices that are connected by links and is a tool that is used to move the drilling pipe. Elevators worked with gripping the pipe and locked by a locking system on the elevators.

Deadline anchor is a tool used for drilling tether line.

c. Drilling line
Drilling line consists of a dead line, fast line, drilling line, and supply. Drilling line used to hold (pull) load on the hook. Drilling line is made of steel and steel wire which is a collection of small and arranged so as to constitute a winding. The coil consists of six collections and satubagian the middle of the so-called “core” and are made of various materials such as plastic and textile.