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Target Activities Occupational Health and Safety

Act 1 of 1970 on Occupational Safety that emphasizes the safety program activities in an organizational unit geared to achieving the goals of safety and occupational health activities include:
1. Preventing and reducing accidents;
2. Prevent and reduce and extinguish the fire;
3. Prevent and reduce the danger of explosion;
4. Provide opportunities or way to save themselves at the time of fire or other events that are harmful;
5. Giving help to the accident;
6. Provide personal protective equipment to workers;
7. Preventing and controlling the emergence or spread the breadth of temperature, humidity, dust, dirt, smoke, steam, gas, wind, weather, light or radiation, noise and vibration;
8. Preventing and controlling the incidence of occupational diseases both physically and psychis, poisoning, infection, and transmission;
9. Obtaining sufficient and appropriate lighting;
10. Organizing refresher enough air;
11. Maintain cleanliness, health, and order;
12. Getting a harmony between labor, work tools, the environment and the way the process works;
13. Securing and facilitate the transport of people, animals, plants, or goods;
14. Securing and expedite the work of loading and unloading, handling and storage of goods;
15. Preventing dangerous electric shock;
16. Adjust and enhance security in the job became increasingly high-accident hazards;
17. Securing the materials, construction, use, maintenance of buildings, work tools, machinery etc;
18. Improving labor productivity without labor squeeze and ensure productive life;
19. Ensuring a healthy workplace, clean, comfortable and safe so as to cause excitement and morale.

All these objectives / scope of activities of the occupational health and safety if planned and executed properly, then in the end the ultimate goal to be achieved is an increase in the standard of living and well-being of all mankind on this earth.


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