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Wood Measurement Unit

Converting units of measure closely with wood is the unit of measurement of lengths. As for the unit of measure area and volume remains based on a unit of length. The unit of measure commonly used as shown in Table 2.

Table 2. Conversion unit of length.

Still in Asy’ari et al. (2012), there are some examples of the conversion of units of measure as listed below, namely:
(A) one rod is equivalent to 5.5 yards or 16.5 foot.
(B) one rod (pole) = 5.0292 m.
(C) 1 chain (engin.) = 30.48 m.
(D) 1 chain (Surv.) = 20.1169 cm

While the unit of measure conversion based on the size of Japan are:
(A) 1 sun = 3.03 cm.
(B) 1 yo zjo = 303.03 cm.
(C) 1 zasi = 30.303 cm.
(D) 1 ri (Meile) = 3927.3 m.
(E) 1 ken = 6.3 kanesasi.

Things to remember
Factors affecting the accuracy of a measurement, namely:
(A) measuring tool used (precision tool / quality).
(B) How to measure (the precision when measuring).
(C) Power measurement (skills).
(D) Time / current measurements (weather).
(E) units of measure.
(F) Cost measurement.
(G) The implementation unit of measure.

  • Application of the smallest unit size of a unit system will be much more thoroughly than the units of larger size, ie the unit of measure cm will be better than units of meters.
  • Rounding decimal numbers that accompanied the unit will be better than the rounding-off units without decimal, eg 15.3 m long timber would be more thorough than stated by rounding at 15 m.

In Indonesia, more prevalent use of the metric system, whereas other countries use more British system. The unit of measure used in Indonesia, namely:
(A) length:
i. cm  -> diameter, circumference, width, thickness, and length.
ii. m  -> height or length.
(B) the area (length raised to two; two-dimensional objects): cm2 or m2
(C) the volume (length raised to three; the cubic unit derived from the cube that expresses a three-dimensional object): m3


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