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Processing of Fishery Products

1. Transport the fish to the company
The discharged fish are then transported to the company for further processing (loin, pocket, etc.) formation. Only fish that meet the criteria required by the company to be purchased, the fish with grade B and C. Fish then put in an insulated truck and taken directly to the company.

2. Removal of stomach contents, gill part and wash
Tuna fish that meet the quality of exports are processed further by cleaning the rest of the entrails and gills. Disposal of gastrointestinal contents and gills will cause dirty fish by blood, so to remove it need to be washed. This washing process is done by spraying enough water using a hose until the fish is clean of dirt and blood remaining still attached.

3. Weighing and recording
The next step is weighing and recording. Weighing is done by looking at the weight, type and quality of tuna. Tuna is weighed and weighed as a company report. The tuna weighing step can be seen in Figure 12.
Figure 12. Weighing Phase of Tuna Fish

4. Storage in an ice-tub
Storage of tuna is done before delivery (export). The goal is to keep the tuna body temperature up. Storage is done by arranging tuna in a large container or container containing ice at 20C. Tuna fish are stored based on the quality and type of tuna. Storage of tuna in ice can be seen in Figure 13.
Figure 13. Storage in Tub with Ice Enhancement

5. Packaging
Tuna fish that have met the test results have met the laboratory requirements, then packed. Fresh tuna product removed from container / tub storage, then dried before packing. This drying process uses foam / sponge to produce clean and dry fish. Packing materials used in accordance with SNI packaging for special fresh fish products through air transport means that is SNI 19-4858-1998 which has been issued by the National Standardization Agency, the packaging used is packaging type III and V.

Packaging type III has a size of 750x420x400 mm, this packaging is used for large fish (one package only for 1 fish with a maximum limit of 35 kg). Packaging type V with size 1200x420x400 mm. This package is used for medium-sized fish, ie one package usually contains 2-3 fish, with a maximum limit of 80 kg into the packs included a few pieces of dry ice, so the temperature in the pack remains low during delivery.


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