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Simulation Using Proteus ISIS Part II

 If we are going to simulate a program that was created in the software Mide and compiled into a hex file. You have to remember where the files are stored. To be able to download the full program on the circuit in proteus isis image then click 2 times or double-click on the image mikrokontrolernya, after appearing as a ...

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Microcontroller Interface With Keyboard

The keyboard is used to enter data, and other values ​​to the system microcontroller. Keyboard normally available in three configurations, namely: linear keyboard, matrix keyboard and the keyboard is encoded. Linear keyboard is used when the number of inputs to be given a little. The keyboard is generally used is a matrix keyboard. When the keyboard is connected to the ...

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Mide Studio Compiler

Microcontroller Programming AT89S / XX Once you memahani basic things with regard to microcontrollers, including the Constitutional Court architecture includes CPU, memory, I / O ports, and additional peripherals, then know the various terms and the common parts of the pins Court. The next important part is programming techniques and matters related to pemrogramana. Programming development very rapidly with the ...

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Microprocessor Development

The term comes from the word microprossesor microprocessor, which roughly means a micro processor or micro processor. In fisisk can mean a chip or small pieces which is a blend of a complex electronic circuit that is designed to work on complex jobs. Microprocessor better known as the CPU or Central Processing Unit is an integrated circuit (IC) as a ...

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Memory and Port Microprocessors

Memory is a component that is used to store binary instructions to be executed by the microprocessor, as well as the data used to work. The memory can be directly accessed by the microprocessor, namely RAM (random access memory) that can be read-write and ROM (read only memory) that can only be read only. RAM is a chip out of ...

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Potentiometer Sensor Function

The transducer / potentiometric sensor is an electromechanical device containing a resistance element connected by a movable slide contact. The sliding contact movement produces a linear, logarithmic, exponential change of resistance, and so on, depending on the way in which the resistance wire is rolled. Potentiometers available on the market consist of several types, namely carbon potentiometers, wire wound potentiometers ...

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